How To DISABLE/HIDE SEEN OPTION IN FACEBOOK CHAT                              

Chatting in FACEBOOK with friends is much fun. But while we chatting in facebook if you read the message of your friends they will get that you SEEN the message and also shows TIME when you read the message like seen at 5.00 PM.If you dont want to reply to your friend but want to see the message you have to hide the SEEN Option in CHAT. Then you can ignore Their message and you can do your work.So Simply Follow the below steps to Disable/hide the SEEN option in FACEBBOK CHAT.
FOR GOOGLE CHROME                                                                 

  • Install the FB UNSEEN Chrome Extension from HERE
  • click ADD to Chrome
  • that's it you have succesfully disabled the SEEN option in Facebook chat

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  • You need Greasemonkey extension for firefox 
  • Download Grease monkey from Here
  • click download and restart your browser
  • After That Just Install the Facebook Stealth Extension from HERE
  • Click Install
  • That's It
  • You can test this by chatting with your friends.

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