Top 10 Best Free Android Games for March 2014

Android games are best among all operating systems, most of the android users prefer android because it has so many games and apps in Google play store.when compared to all other mobile operating system like ios and windows android has so many number of games.Today we are here with top 10 new best free android games for the month of February and March 2014.

Every passing day, a new game is added to the Google play store, giving you a plethora of options and a real hard time deciding to choose the one you should download. To ease things out for you, we bring you a list of the best Android games for this month.
1. Play to Cure: Genes In Space

Looking forward to do your good deed for the day? Well, look no further. Play to Cure: Genes In Space lets you collaborate with a scientist to solve the puzzle of a deadly disease-cancer. All you have to do is connect genes and find patterns. Also, collecting the power-ups helps cancer researchers to find copy errors in DNA replication and people are always better at spotting these patterns. So, go ahead and contribute your bit to medical science.
2. Colossus Escape

This fast-paced endless runner game features a fantasy world wherein you need to keep running and defend yourself against waves of enemies, powerful spells and mystical artifacts. Collect potions and coins as you march towards glory.
3. The Great Martian War

The Martians have invaded mother earth in droves and what's worse is that, it's 1913. You play Gus Lafonde a brave heart soldier who has to navigate battlefields, jump land mines, defend artillery strikes and yes, kill the most evil of all - giant Martians, all on your own. The fate of the world rests on your shoulder, soldier!
4. The King of Chicago

Infatuated with the Mob lifestyle? This game lets you live one, virtual obviously! The game tries to fetch in the feel of classic gangster movies, and pulls it off pretty impressively. Put aside the pixelated visuals and text-based story progression, and you have a good time gangland game to indulge into. You are up against the Capone mob to get control of the windy city with violence, intimidation, bribery and treachery as your weapons.
5. 300: Seize Your Glory

As expected, the game is all about hacking and slashing your way through innumerable armies of the vengeful commander of the Persian navy along with his seductress Artemisia. Your battlefield is now the sea and you can choose from a plethora of weapons and man skirts to make your avatars battle ready.
6. Buddy & Me

Buddy & Me is an amazing 2D endless running game which is clearly inspired from the hit game, The Neverending Story. Riffle through a world of dreams with your best friend Buddy as you glide, jump, swing, bounce, and fly through a never-ending enchanted forest.
7. Card City Nights

Love playing cards? Download the Card City Nights on your phone right away. Card City Nights is an adventure through a city filled with card-nuts and lunatics as you compete to enter the biggest competition this city. Unlike other card games, CCN has funny characters and locations to find.
8. 100 Doors 2

100 Doors 2 is a very basic puzzle game that relies on some staggering break in logics to solve its puzzles. The original game was massively popular and won several awards and the sequel is just as engrossing. The graphics have been amped up significantly, but the basic 2D feeling still prevails.
9. Deadman's Cross

Deadman's Cross is not just another zombie themed game. The viral infection has turned 99.5% of the humans into Zombies and now it's your duty to forge the future of the world to come.
10. Dandelions Chain of Seeds

Zen games are known for their relaxing atmosphere and challenging gameplay. And Dandelions Chain of Seeds is no different as well. In this game, you get to connect dandelion seeds to solve the puzzles across 3 flower worlds with a total of 60 levels of Zen. Experience beautifully surreal worlds and hypnotic chimes.

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How To Get Free Mobile Recharge Online Top10 Websites

Getting free recharge is now very easy just you have to spend some time by sending sms to friends, by playing quizzes and answering poll questions or some other simple tasks.Today we are listing the top10 websites to get free recharge online .Register an account by clicking on the url provided under each website.
What You Need
1.A valid Mobile Number
2.A valid Email ID
3.and also some patience
Top10 websites To get Free Recharge
click here to register
fill the required information in signup form
enter the reference code as 1864658E
The password will be sent to your mobile use it to login
you will get 2rs upon registration
ii)Verify email Id and get 1rs instantly
iii)login daily and get 10 paisa daily
iv)Invite friends and get 1rs for every registration
v)play polls
1ps-1poll total 50 poll questions-50ps and poll bonus 10 ps so total 60ps for polls
you can select any answer no need of it is right or wrong
vi)send sms
2ps-1sms total 60 sms-120ps=1.20rs(30sms before quiz and another 30 sms after completing quiz)
vii)play Quiz AnswerIt
2ps-each question total 50 questions-1rs
viii)play Jockpot
in jockpot you must answer the qustions correctly this is difficult task and also you have to answer within given time but if you have some basic knowledge you can get upto 1rs
so totally you will get upto 4Rs daily
in 2 or 3days you will get 10 rs then you can recharge your mobile
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Funny Trick To Make Your Desktop Icons and Taskbar Unclickable

Yes Now you can make your desktop icons and taskbar unclickable with this simple trick and also you can apply this trick on your friends computer and make them fool.OK Let’s start.Just follow the simple steps below. 

What You Have To Do!
You just have to make a screen capture of you desktop and set it as desktop background.Isn’t it simple.Ok now let us see how to capture your desktop.there are so many ways to capture your desktop screen or any web page.Now I will tell you two popular ways to capture your desktop screen

How To Capture Desktop screen
There is an inbuilt feature in windows most of you don’t know about this.because we are busy on browsing facebook.we dont have that much of time look at our keyboard.Now I will tell you that amazing feature to capture your desktop screen.
  • Look at your keyboard’s top right side corner above backspace button  
  • Is there any new key?  
  • Yes there you can find a key named PrtScr/SysRq  
  • Don’t press it now  
  • First goto the window which you want to capture.Here Our aim is to capture desktop icons so close all windows and goto Desktop  
  • Now press prtscr key
 What happened Now! 
  • Nothing happened the total screen is captured and saved to clipboard 
  • To get the captured image you need a photo editing tool. 
  • The best and easy way to edit photos is Mspaint 
  • So open mspaint and press ctrl+v to paste 
  • Now goto file menu and save it on desktop or wherever you want 
  • Set It as desktop background
  • Now right click on desktop Goto View=>Show Desktop Icons Uncheck it
  • That's It Now Your desktop icons are unclickable
To make TaskBar Unclickble:
  • right click on task bar goto properties=>Auto Hide TaskBar check it

  • Thats It your taskbar goes down and the TaskBar In The Desktop Bacground Is Unclickable
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