Funny Trick To Make Your Desktop Icons and Taskbar Unclickable

Yes Now you can make your desktop icons and taskbar unclickable with this simple trick and also you can apply this trick on your friends computer and make them fool.OK Let’s start.Just follow the simple steps below. 

What You Have To Do!
You just have to make a screen capture of you desktop and set it as desktop background.Isn’t it simple.Ok now let us see how to capture your desktop.there are so many ways to capture your desktop screen or any web page.Now I will tell you two popular ways to capture your desktop screen

How To Capture Desktop screen
There is an inbuilt feature in windows most of you don’t know about this.because we are busy on browsing facebook.we dont have that much of time look at our keyboard.Now I will tell you that amazing feature to capture your desktop screen.
  • Look at your keyboard’s top right side corner above backspace button  
  • Is there any new key?  
  • Yes there you can find a key named PrtScr/SysRq  
  • Don’t press it now  
  • First goto the window which you want to capture.Here Our aim is to capture desktop icons so close all windows and goto Desktop  
  • Now press prtscr key
 What happened Now! 
  • Nothing happened the total screen is captured and saved to clipboard 
  • To get the captured image you need a photo editing tool. 
  • The best and easy way to edit photos is Mspaint 
  • So open mspaint and press ctrl+v to paste 
  • Now goto file menu and save it on desktop or wherever you want 
  • Set It as desktop background
  • Now right click on desktop Goto View=>Show Desktop Icons Uncheck it
  • That's It Now Your desktop icons are unclickable
To make TaskBar Unclickble:
  • right click on task bar goto properties=>Auto Hide TaskBar check it

  • Thats It your taskbar goes down and the TaskBar In The Desktop Bacground Is Unclickable
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